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Dec 01, 2017

Toys for Tots

The season of giving is near, and this year The Marquee is choosing to celebrate by supporting Toys for Tots. Starting November 30th - December 20th, if you have a new, unwrapped toy you want to donate, stop by our office to drop it off. The Toys for Tots program brings warmth and happiness...

Nov 01, 2017

Life is Sweeter at Marquee

You have been great residents and we do not want to see you go. Here are 5 reasons why you should renew your lease:

1. Moving Sucks - Why go through the hassle of packing up and moving when you could renew and keep your same unit? Ditch the tape and boxes and say yes to your current...

Oct 01, 2017

Don’t let midterms get you scared this Halloween here are 5 midterm survival tips:

Don’t study alone- Form a group

Gather a group of roommates or classmates or even a set of friends who has similar classes or the same class as you. Doing this, you all are helping each other make ends meet, you are able to quiz each other and use each other notes to study different...