We love our residents and that is why we are launching Comedy night, talent show and networking events for upcoming comedians, actors, singers, dancers, and more!

These events can give you the opportunity to showcase your talent and network with residents who are trying to do the same. We are proud to announce that The Marquee staff has its very own upcoming comedian- Morgan Phillips. She hosted a comedy night and it was a success! We are excited to showcase our talented residents throughout the months. Winners will receive gift cards but also recognition. We have three events in April for residents to come and participate. We asked Morgan to introduce herself and here is her introduction: Morgan Phillips is a 22 year old up and coming comic that has as much fun on stage as she has student debt! She has performed in big cities from Baltimore, to Cleveland and now Orlando. Join her live through her more than embarrassing moments and hilarious stories here at the Marquee Apartments.
Check our event calendar for the upcoming events and let’s have some fun!