Don’t study alone- Form a group

Gather a group of roommates or classmates or even a set of friends who has similar classes or the same class as you. Doing this, you all are helping each other make ends meet, you are able to quiz each other and use each other notes to study different sections.

Use digital flashcards

You are able to create digital flashcards by using the website quizlet. You are also able to see your classmates flash cards as well. There is a quiz feature on quizlet that allows you to quiz yourself to make sure you know the material and is prepared for your midterm exam.

Find a comfortable study location

Avoid studying in bed, although it does sound extremely comfy it could cause you to be distracted and fall asleep. Try buying a comfy back pillow for your desk chair to keep the back spasms away from studying for a long period of time. If you live on the property, utilize our computer rooms and study rooms located on the 2nd floor of each phase.

Take study breaks

Don’t drain your brain studying for multiple hours without a break. Take breaks between your study session, break free go for a walk, grab lunch with your roommate. Even stop and take a warm bubble bath to relax your muscles and take your mind away from the books for a while.

Celebrate after your exams

Reward yourself after your exams you deserve it. Plan something with friends or roommates, take yourself shopping or even just sit out by the pool and soak up some sun. Exam week can be hard on anyone, We at The Marquee wish all of our students & friends of student’s good grades on your exams!