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The Marquee | Online Learning
Having online classes this semester can cause a lot of additional stress and leave many students feeling overwhelmed! We want to make sure that is not you. Although you’re experiencing a “once-in-a-lifetime” education, and you are following your dreams, the fall season of your first year can be quite an adventure.  Classes have never been harder, you are learning how to live with roommates, and you're away from your family and friends.  So make sure you are taking care of yourself! We at the Marquee recommend taking a lounge day by the pool or enjoying one of our courtyard areas where there is peace and quiet to enjoy a nice book or two !  After all, it’s  Florida where the weather is almost always great! Also, make sure you visit our events calendar on all of our social media platforms, so you can attend our events for the month and meet some of your lovely neighbors.  Finally, don’t forget to exercise, our two state-of-the-art gyms can keep you  in-shape while you let go of all of your stress!